About us

We’re a social enterprise partnering with schools and academies across the country to deliver fast paced, engaging, project-based school workshops. We then use our in-house design, media and illustrative talents to create student-led professional products. These are used to extend learning, provide transitional resources and to promote the school.

Meet & put together your project


Deliver your workshop


Transform & produce the end product

The Team

  • Ross Bennett

    Ross Bennett Commercial Director

  • Greg Bennett

    Greg Bennett Media Director

  • Imran Chouglay

    Imran Chouglay Design Director

  • Emily Broome

    Emily Broome Senior Account Executive

  • Amy Pearman

    Amy Pearman Designer

  • Joshua Straw

    Joshua Straw Designer

  • Lewis Clegg

    Lewis Clegg Designer

  • Roy Bennett

    Roy Bennett Logistics & Morale Officer

  • Kenton Robbins

    Kenton Robbins Non-Executive Director