Circle Time. Restorative Justice. Peer Counselling. No-Blame Approach…

With so many interventions, behaviour policies and a long list of different forms of bullying; we know it’s an important issue in schools and academies across the country, not to mention the focus being placed by Ofsted. Because of this, we’ve helped with engaging students in learning the different forms of bullying and promoting the behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy to the rest of school.

Bullying can effect anyone and comes in numerous guises. Our workshops ensure that whilst the students involved in the project gain the relevant learning, the professional student-led products are hugely successful in identifying different forms of bullying and behaviour policies. Students apply this knowledge to their own promotional/awareness materials permanently displayed and used as a whole school initiative.

This demonstrates to Ofsted how the school ‘prevents bullying in all its forms’.

Case Studies