Anti-Bullying Student-led Marketing Campaign

Work with a select cohort of students to promote the effects of bullying and develop a marketing campaign to visibly demonstrate the academy’s policy for Ofsted and the whole school community.

The Workshop

A 3 day intervention putting students in control of their learning. After completing research, each team produced a promotional campaign, communicating the types and effects of bullying and the school’s behaviour policy.

The Result

As well as a comprehensive understanding of the topic, the designs and filming carried out by the students was transformed into a school wide initiative. This included large display boards, marketing materials and even short films which demonstrated an impact to Ofsted, but more importantly, to all students in the school.

"Our students have clearly had a great time working with your team and gained a huge amount of knowledge from the workshops. Loved the piece in today's YEP and in yesterday's Morley Observer, both read well."

Heather Scott, School Leader.