With severe reductions in services such as Connexions and Prospects, there are capable young people in our communities who are at risk of missing out on advice and guidance identifying the breadth of next-step possibilities. Given the climate of austerity schools and local authorities are facing, we’re delivering innovative initiatives that have value beyond the measure of just a tick in the box for Ofsted or a page on a development plan; we raise aspirations and expand horizons.

The Government want economically active members of society and SLT are asked to successfully manage the curriculum so that all pupils get a good start and are well-prepared for the next stage in their employment, education or training. We help you to deliver these targets for all students.

This demonstrates to Ofsted how the school delivers ‘high quality, impartial careers guidance helping pupils to make informed choices, preparing for the next stage of their education, training or employment and their adult life.’

Case Studies